About Us

Shanghai Shengli specializes in mixing equipment research, design, manufacture, sales and service. In past 26 years, we go deeply mixing processing filed and related technology, devote to research different kinds of mixer, modify and perfect existing mixing system, and develop new-type mixer equipment.


Shengli Machinery Co.,Ltd

  • DSH conical mixer

    Conical  mixer is normally used for mixing pigment, dyestuff, chemicals, battery, etc.The main features are: full discharge and no leftover; gentle mixing no damage to fragile material; Low-energy.

  • LHY ribbon mixer

    Ribbon mixer is favored by user to mix material in food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic, construction lines etc. The advantages are: high mixing efficiency; large productivity; low failure rate.

  • LDH plough shear mixer

    Plough mixer is widely applied in mixing material in food, agriculture, motar line etc.It is characterized by high speed chopper cutting agglomerate into small granules;  good for mixing fiber material

  • WZL non-gravity mixer

    Non-gravity mixer is a preferred type to mix material in construction, biological, chemical line etc. because of short mixing time, powerful motors, good for mixing material with big difference in properties