Quick response, clear communication, reasonable proposal


     Customers can contact us through by online consultation, telephone, e-mail, communication tools and other means to inform the inquiry equipment, services or questions, our sales staff and sales engineers will recommend a suitable equipment through the understanding of the various physical properties of customer materials, Mixed requirements, investment costs, and will also introduce equipment performance, planning equipment selection, inform the equipment prices, and a series of services


     Customers can visit our production field after pre-consultation, we can provide the travel conveniece of pick-up, accommodation etc.


     In the communication with the customer, customer can provide us with the material samples, and test in our laboratory testing machine, we will give you a best design and proposal according to the sample analysis report and the customer's specific discussion results, combining with our experience and customer with same indsutry


     Customers can have a full understanding of us through our three-dimensional simulation of mixing video, live test material video, factory equipment photos, graphic design drawings, product manual etc.


     We accompany our customers to visit our sample equipment exhibition hall, visit our production workshop, explain the production process, so that our customers will have more intuituve impression on the scale of production, product equipment


      Through our communication with the customer early, we will issue a detailed indication of the equipment, requirements of the equipment, quotation and technical drawings for customers to review, to be prepared cooperation contract.